Pain for Today

God has always challenged me to write what I know. So, here is what I know today. . .

I am in some pain, physical pain. This is not a statement to evoke pity. It is my daily reality as I have consistent back pain.  Perhaps you can relate.  There are times, however, when my back issues decide to have more of a presence in my life and make more of a statement. Last week was one of “those” weeks.  Again, perhaps you can relate!

When I have a flare-up like this, I know what to do. First, resist the urge to panic because those emotions never lead to healing. Second, get to the chiropractor so he can help address the source of my issue. Third, apply ice and heat, rest, and wait it out. Eventually, I will be able to stretch and exercise again as I am accustomed to, but for the time being, I must put those things aside and pay attention to what my body is telling me. This week is much better and I am back at my normal routine!

God speaks to me during seasons of pain. Sometimes there are great revelations and other times not so much. However, He always knows where I am on the journey. He never loses sight of me even though I may lose sight of where I am.

When faced with issues that are not physical, the process is the same; take the pain to the source of help and don’t panic! Allow Him to adjust it. As He does, I do the work by digging in and applying the truth of the Word to those areas that are painful or causing me pain. I ask questions like; What does He say about my current situation? Where is there a similar situation in the Bible? How did Jesus model and address this type of struggle? Then, I wait for my strength to be restored as I rest in Jesus.

Seems simple, but many times it is not. However, it is most certainly possible. Healing always comes, sometimes more quickly than other times because He is a faithful and loving God.

So here is what I know today, I am known, and He knows right where I am! If He knows this about me, He knows it about you.

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